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Wide Variety of Recycle Aggregates Supplies in and across East & West Sussex

Offloaded Environmental Services; your reliable service provider in and across East & West Sussex supply a wide variety of construction-related recycle aggregates to a variety of respectable servicemen like tradesmen, construction contractors, general public and other DIY-enthusiasts.

The recyclable aggregates we deliver to our clients are either loose, in baggage, or dispatched to them through caged vans, and grab trucks.

What Recycle Aggregates Do We Provide in and across East & West Sussex?

In Addition To These

We also offer you our state of the art fleet of grab lorries for hire ranging from trucks featuring 4, 6 & 8 wheels, each quality-tested and prepared for site clearance and aggregates supply in and across East & West Sussex for both public and private sectors.


Our 40mm scalping labels as a limestone aggregate product but consists of a more clay content! And despite not being able to meet MOT highway specification; it proves appropriate for pathways, driveways, compounds, general fills, hard standings and so on.

To meet your needs; we can supply up to 20-tonnes of (both bagged and loose) 40mm scalping aggregates on immediate basis. To know more, speak to our helpful team today!

Crushed Concrete

As your reliable aggregate supplier in your targeted region; we supply you 6F5 crushed concrete aggregates regularly used for filling trenches, capping layers, filling over-sites, temporary roads and so on.

We cater to on-demand 6F5 crushed concrete in both bagged and loose supplies to clients across both the business and domestic clients. To order or know more; speak to us whenever convenient for you!

All In

Consisting of a pre-mix of coarse sand, washed gravel and cement; together they blend and form into a durable coarse concrete ideal for constructing foundations, building bases, hard standings  and so on.

We can distribute our all-in-ballast aggregate supplies to construction sites, private clients as well as business clientele. On each trip; we can deliver you up to 20-tonnes of aggregate for your specific needs.


Our top-quality building sand proves ideal for several purposes namely making mortar, concrete, pointing and brick-laying. And being sourced from reliable sources; they will meet your building requirements rather nicely.

On request; we supply building sand to all sector clients and deliver up to 20 tonnes per trip. Call us and know more about our building sand supplies.

Washed Sand

Our supplied medium washed sand is used primarily for cable laying, general filling, horse ménages, pipe bedding and so on. They are sourced from reliable tradesmen and other trusted suppliers to aptly meet your demands.

We deliver our medium washed sand aggregates both loose and in-bags up to 20 tonnes through our grab trucks. Know more about it by speaking to us at your convenient time.


We provide you with on-demand recycled tarmac both bagged and loose to your location to meet the demands of your various surfacing and filling applications.

Some of the common applications which you can use recycled tarmac includes- surface paths, yards, tracks, driveways, road sub-base, hard standings, compounds, trench fills and etc.

We cater to orders ranging from 1-20 tonnes. So call us for your specific requirement.

Washed Sharp
Sand (Grit)

This is another one of our recycled products which is commonly put to use for concrete laying, block paving and garden aeration whenever mixed with compost and so on.

We make it a point to deliver up to 20 tonnes of washed sharp sand grit both in loose and bulk bags to all its targeted locations. So, feel free to speak to us freely if you have questions.


Our manufactured top –soil proves very appropriate for creating a plant bed, repairing lawn damage as well as upgrading the drainage.

Moreover, our manufactured top-soil is very recyclable and can be delivered to you be it loose or in bags in between 1-20 tonnes.

So, if you have anything to ask us; feel free to do it at your suitable time.

Type 1

Our delivered type 1 Limestone will prove adequate for creating a sub-base for car parks, driveways, hard standings, patio areas and building bases.  

We will deliver the aggregate supply on immediate request and can accommodate 1-20 tonnes be it bagged or loose for both business as well as private clients. Speak to us if you have a requirement!

Type 1

Our offered type 1 recycled aggregates are ideal for creating sub-base, hardcore, backfill, trench fill, capping layer  and even filling over-site. And proving to be the perfect alternative to type 1 limestone; we supply it to you in both loose or in bulk bags all throughout our targeted region.

It is also very commonly used for path and road constructions. For more information, feel free to speak to us whenever you see fit.

10, 20, 40mm
Washed Shingle

In addition to the all the above aggregate supplies; we also cater to orders involving 10, 20,40mm washed shingles for clients across business sectors, industrial and construction sites.

Our aggregates are acquired from reliable sources and on one trip; we can easily delivery you up to 20 tonnes of materials.

Our supplies will be appropriate for creating drainage, driveways, pathways, and even general landscaping.

If you wish to know more about the supplies or simple wish to order; then feel free to call anytime.

Speak To Our Friendly Team & Seek Aggregates Advice, Site Samples or To Simply Place Your Order

If you’re in need of primary and recycled aggregates for your site; then call our helpful team whenever convenient for you. Our team will be happy to share with you site samples along with aggregate tips and advice to help you place your order wisely.

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