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Inert Waste Grab Truck Hire Services

Offloaded Environmental Services; your one-stop waste removal and aggregate supplier offers you on-demand and prompt inert waste grab truck hire services to help easily and responsibly collect and dispose all manner of recyclable inert wastes.

You can rest assured that each of our rented out inert waste grab trucks are optimally functional, durable and properly maintained to ensure a smooth waste removal operation.

Our quality inert waste grab truck hire services are well adept to remove inert waste types such as – sub soil; mixed soil, concrete, hardcore, rubble and so on!

You Can Choose From Our Offered Inert Waste Grab Truck for Hire

  • If you need a inert grab truck for your small-to-medium sized house or apartment waste removals; then you can opt for our 4-wheel concrete waste grab truck with carrying capacity of 8 tonnes and having a 7-cm extension
  • Furthermore, if you require a inert grab truck for your large house or commercial rubbish removal; then we would recommend you to go for our 6-Wheel Concrete Waste Grab Truck which comes with an impressive 5 cm reach and ability to haul up to 12 –tonnes  (give or take)
  • Lastly, for massive waste removal requirements be it residential, commercial or industrial sector; you opt for our 8-Wheel Concrete Waste Grab trucks – capable of carrying up to 16 tonnes and featuring an 8-10 cm reach capacity

Call As Per Your Convenience & Secure Your Inert Waste Grab Truck Hire

You can reach out to us whenever you see fit and convey your request. On receiving your request; we will look to meet your demands as promptly as we can.


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